Walk in Peace

Walk in Peace” (“Aisv Nvwadohiyado” in Cherokee) is a commonly used phrase between friends in Native American communities as a farewell exchange since saying “Goodbye” is not so typical. Other phrases are used, but they usually mean something like “Until we meet again” (“Donadagohvi” in Cherokee), “See you again” (“Hoyt” in the traditional Coast Salish language of Lushootseed) or “Later” (“Tókša” in Lakota).

This piece wraps up the story told with a delightful and peaceful conversation between two friends (the flute and the guitar) and ending with their farewells.

Walk in Peace” my friend.

“May the footprints we leave behind show that we’ve walked in kindness toward the earth and every living thing. May our lives be a dance of celebration, and may the wind speak of peace to all our children’s children.”
Native American saying

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